The Danger Posed by Endotoxins

The Danger Posed by Endotoxins

Date: 15 November 2021 | By: procoll

Endotoxins unfortunately are often found as contaminants of protein products derived from bioprocesses and because of their strong biological effects at very low concentrations within the human body they are of extreme concern for clinicians and the pharmaceutical industry. In patients even in small quantities endotoxins can result in fever, inflammation, sepsis, tissue damage and lead to death.
For tissue and biomedical engineering endotoxins can trigger endotoxic shock, inflammation, or sepsis in animals and tissue culture.

The threshold level of endotoxin for intravenous applications is set to 5 endotoxin units (EU) per kg body weight per hour by all pharmacopoeias (European Pharmacopoeia, 1997). The term EU describes the biological activity of an endotoxin; 1 EU corresponds to 100 pg of endotoxin. With the growing use of biomaterials such as collagen in tissue engineering applications, such as in 3D bioprinting, it is even more important that endotoxins are minimised as the quantity of collagen in medical devices increases. Failure to minimise endotoxin levels could lead to cytokine storm within patients, causing severe tissue damage and may lead to death.

We are delighted to provide our whitepaper exploring the importance of using collagen with low endotoxin levels. Here we explore how ProColl's collagen compares to that of other available collagens.

Read the whitepaper here: Mobile users click the link below.

ProColl - Endotoxins


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