Structured Collagen Superior to Gelatin for Cell Culture

Structured Collagen Superior to Gelatin for Cell Culture

Date: 11 January 2022 | By: procoll

Research by Sheffield University using ProColl’s acid soluble collagen demonstrated its superior performance over gelatin for cell culture. Using ProColl's collagen resulted in cells with significantly better levels of key bone-growth markers. Calcium content and DNA were significantly higher when cultured on ProColl’s collagen than gelatin.

Also, significantly lower collagen production occurred since the closer-to-native environment reduced the need for the cells to produce their own to compensate. These results show improved biocompatibility and better differentiation from growth in a structured rather than denatured environment, demonstrating the benefits of ProColl collagen as a scaffold for tissue engineering.

Gelatin (collagen that has lost its structure during processing) has traditionally been used in food, cosmetics, and medicine due to its ready availability, low price, and similarity to collagen. However, collagen’s important structure is lost in production, which impacts application performance, including a reduction in cell viability and a loss of biocompatibility.

Read the whitepaper here: Mobile users, click the link below.

ProColl - Collagen Vs Gelatin



With thanks to Dhanak Gupta & Gwendolen Reilly from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Sheffield University for sharing their findings and data with us.

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