Bovine Acid Soluble Collagen

Best-in-class collagen - from cells to gels, from research to clinic.

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Our process ensures that this type I acid soluble collagen, derived from certified bovine sources, maintains a purity of ≥ 95%, with consistent properties such as full structure being retained and consistent molecular weight from batch to batch.


Bovine acid soluble collagen is Telocollagen, without the use of pepsin or other enzymes. This high-quality material is available in liquid and dry forms, and is suitable for applications including cell culture, plate coating, hydrogels, scaffolds, and 3D bioprinting.


Consistent product specifications are achieved between batches through strictly controlled processing parameters. This ensures high levels of purity in both protein and endotoxin levels. The benefit of this consistency is the removal for the need to re-optimise protocols each time you purchase collagen.


When looking to develop your collagen based medical device, bovine acid soluble collagen is the ideal material, being acceptable to regulatory organisations such as the FDA.


Specification Sheet