Application Note: Electrospinning of Collagen

Application Note: Electrospinning of Collagen

Date: 29 November 2023 | By: procoll

Electrospinning is an extremely versatile technique for the production of micro and nanofibres, as a consequence electrospun fibres have been fabricated for a wide range of applications within regenerative medicine including tissue engineering scaffolds and wound dressings. All these applications are seeking to replace or repair tissue architecture and functionality. Thus, collagen which is a major component of tissues is an obvious choice of biomaterial for electrospinning fabrication of such structured medical devices.

In this application note we review the electrospinning technique from bench to industrial scale and highlight electrospinning fabrication using collagens to improve applications within regenerative medicine.

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ProColl - Electrospinning Collagen Nanofibres.



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