Bovine Single Alpha Chain Collagen

Highly soluble in water, so ideal for electrospinning and applications where collagen’s insolubility is a problem.

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Single alpha chain collagen offers a unique solubility profile not achieved by other collagens. This water soluble collagen retains native structure. It is this characteristic that makes single alpha chain collagen such an exciting material for researchers exploring and developing medical devices.

Single alpha chain collagen can also be electrospun. It retains the same core benefits as all our products, including consistent purity from batch to batch (≥95%). Derived from certified bovine sources and available in a range of quantities. This product is available in lyophilised or 3mg/mL and 6mg/mL concentrations.

Single alpha-chain collagens are a patent-pending innovation from ProColl.

This collagen, being highly soluble in water and physiological buffers offers novel solutions for the manufacture of medical devices. So, it is ideal for electrospinning applications or any other that requires a greater range of solubility.

Specification Sheet