Recombinant Human ProCollagen Type I, α1

Highly soluble in water and so ideal for electrospinning and applications where collagen’s insolubility is a problem.
Animal-free system avoids the transmission of animal diseases.

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Our Recombinant Human Procollagens are available as single chain (HSACC) or full chain molecules.

HSACC offers all the benefits of our single alpha-chain collagens with one distinct advantage: the more homologous structure of the recombinant human molecules makes HSACC ideal for the development of prototype medical devices.

This form of collagen is highly soluble in physiological buffers; thus no aggressive solvents are required for its processing in medical devices. This product enables applications including electrospinning.

The choice of an animal free system includes the complete avoidance of the transmission of animal diseases such as bovine spongiform encephalopathies (BSEs).

This recombinant collagen is available in liquid and lyophilised formats.

Specification Sheet